In the side of communication, there could be barriers that will affect its effectivity. It is like a medicine that if it is not taken according to the instruction of the doctor of the right dosage, frequency and time of taking it the effectivity to treat the illness could be very weak. It is also the same with the communication to be effective. It should be used and practiced with certain characteristics as many have been in disagreement due to negative communication. Let us see the different barriers.

In the infographic, there are six reasons why communication could be negative and an agreement could not be reached. One of them is the hierarchy in the organization. Those who are in the lower position cannot communicate well with the higher position because they are thinking their status in the organization and vice versa. Another barrier is in the culture of two different people. And over this site you can check this exploring company 電話查詢.  They could not understand the practices of each other and just want to practice what they had usually done.

Another barrier mentioned above is the perceptual one as the persons involved can see one thing in different ways that block them from understanding and agreeing with each other. That is why they say that if you want to understand someone then you should see it in the point of view of that person. Another barrier is the language barrier. But if you have this company 查ip you can easily learn everything. If one can not understand the language used by the other then they cannot agree with each other.