Communication between a person and the other is important. Just like the family members, their relationship can go well if there is good communication. In other words, any problem that a family member encounters need to share it to her family in order to build a stronger relationship. How is this related to a business communication? A company is like a family. The owner can be regarded as the father or mother while the employees are his or her children. So, communication must always be present between the owner  and the employees.

In big companies, lack of communication between the superior (owner) and his subordinates (employees) will lead to conflict or problems. The owner must show his concern and trust to his employees by having good communication with them.

It’s good to develop a gap. However, don’t be too bossy or never practice authoritarian leadership. If a company owner do so, he will receive resignation letters from his employees within just a short period of time. As company owners, you need to show that you need your employees in order to boost their confidence. How? Communicating with them is the best!

Business owners who have their employees need to have frequent meetings together to discuss the problems in the company and to come up with possible solutions. Owners need the opinions of their employees. Even if it is the owner who have the right to decide, he must not neglect his employees’ suggestions and opinions. By doing this, it will help the owner and his subordinates to have a good working relationship together.