There are groups of people that are being presented and it was according to the year they were born. Because there are certain characteristics that those who were born in a particular year possessed they were given a label or title to easily identify them and to also know their characteristics. In this infographic, it is our mission to know about the Generation Y. Why do we need to? Because it is used in marketing and communication to know how to reach them and target their interests.

In the first part of the infographic, there are the characteristics of those who were born in the year of 1982 to 1993. They are the so-called Generation Y. One of their characteristics is that they are the most empowered. No wonder it is also written that they will form the 75% of the workforce in the whole world. And this set of the workforce also admitted that they regularly break the set information technology policies of the company they worked in. The feeling cannot be describe. This company agency 台胞證照片 has this impact to me to like it more. They have been in this industry for a long time and still gaining the attention of many people.

They also believe that they are not responsible for protecting the information and devices that belong to the company they’re working. They also feel more comfortable working in an office but there is also a high number of workers who want to work online. That is why you can see that there are many workers who work to travel and it is increasing to process their papers more tips here They also usually access multiple websites featuring or having the characteristics of easily sharing information, videos or images that are done online with ease.